Imagine having work life balance, increased personal and time freedom, as well as financial security. Start working with a Coach that will help you develop personal programs to assist in creating balance and provide tips so that you can work on catapulting your profits; all the while identifying and breaking barriers so that you can start living life on your terms.

Congratulations for not settling for mediocre!  If you are on this page it’s because you know you deserve more. Start working with Coach Ana to realize your dreams.  Develop personal programs aimed at gaining more profits, more time freedom, more financial freedom, and enjoy quality of life.



Hello I am Ana Conlin I am the founder of Conlin Creative Resources, LLC and Ana Conlin EPIC Coaching where our goal is your success by providing empowered, professional, innovative coaching for those we serve.

I am a National Speaker, Certified Life & Master Business Coach, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Business Strategist and licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified by Richard Bandler.

My personal mission in life is to lead and serve with passion, purpose and integrity. My legacy is to leave behind a book that will help you, our loved ones and I to proactively plan ahead and enjoy quality of life. I get a natural high on life from giving and serving others. It is in serving that we receive. My goal is your success.


Raising the bar on excellence, maximizing results, influencing and helping my clients create opportunities is amongst my core values. Your success is my success!

We are committed to raising the bar on excellence for businesses and thought leaders by providing empowered, professional, innovative coaching results. We help businesses and thought leaders to maximize return on investment by merging the gap between internal and external operations to work at peak performance. We help our clients to package, pitch, promote and sell their products and services.  We help thought leaders & business professionals to realize their dreams, achieve their visions and live life on their terms.

We provide a suite of coaching services and programs from life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, private coaching, group coaching, virtual operations integration, virtual sales marketing and management, consulting services, speaking engagements and on line training programs. Learn more about working with Ana Conlin


Why Trust Working with Ana?


For more than two decades, Ana Conlin has served in executive roles within the Healthcare & IT industries and the Personal Development Space. She has a proven track record of achieving top ranked direct sales and marketing results. Ana is also the founder and President of Conlin Creative Resources, LLC and Ana Conlin EPIC Coaching (Empowered, Professional, Innovative Coaching). Ana helps Entrepreneurs, teams and individuals co-create new direction complimenting their strengths inspiring them to take bold action. Her sophisticated coaching approach helps her clients accelerate their performance and that of their organizations. Ana is a highly respected innovator and leader in the healthcare and home care markets working with clients throughout the United States. In her virtual coaching and management roles Ana has helped companies become agile and efficient while identifying costs savings. She has developed programs aimed at maximizing sales and marketing efforts and coached companies to reach their peak performance. Ana brings direct experience in leadership training, sales, coaching, business development, management, operations, team building, and marketing to her role as an Executive Leadership Coach, certified Life and Master Business Coach, Business Strategist and licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  She shares programs for achieving measurable results, developing teams and leaders, overcoming limitations, and unleashing new potential in her clients. In working with individuals who want to create the next chapter of their career, she helps leaders enhance their ability to influence, inspire, motivate others and achieve business results. Her clients have seen tremendous growth in return on investment and peak performance on all levels. She is an influential leader in business and personal growth. Ana’s mission, passion and legacy in life is to bring out the best version in others, empower them to bring out the leaders in themselves and to protect the elderly. Influencing others to enjoy quality of life is a life long passion and mission. Ana is building a World Class Leadership Development training program and sales and marketing programs. She is in the process of writing a book to empower you and your loved ones to proactively plan ahead and enjoy quality of life.

Ana earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kean University and holds certification in Network Engineering, is a certified Assisted Living Administrator, National Speaker, certified Executive Leadership Coach, certified Life and Master Business Coach, Business Strategist, completed the Certified Dementia Practitioner course and is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified by Richard Bandler.

Ana understands the value of having a coach and has her own high performance coach. Personal development is a continual journey towards personal fulfillment and what Ana define’s as success. She understands she cannot take her clients further than she can take herself, therefore loves to grow and co-create epic results with her clients and business partners. She is a graduate of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, Experts Academy and Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. Ana has also completed the Speaking Empire PresentainerTM training.

Let’s Get Started – How can hiring Ana Conlin as your Coach help you?

Working with Ana will help you to:

  • Find clarity with your vision, dreams, actions and plans
  • Create balance in your personal and business life, catapult profits
  • Overcome roadblocks and achieve your desired goals
  • Create new rituals, habits and opportunities
  • Move to the next chapter in your life, your career
  • Take your business to the next level
  • More time freedom, more financial freedom

Are We a Good Fit?
While there are a thousand of life and business coaches available with different levels of expertise it is important to find the right coach for you. We all have different approaches and styles. Read below to identify if we are a good fit, if so let’s get started by setting up a strategy session and explore your options.

I am ready to work with you and help guide you into the next chapter in your personal and professional life.

My Coaching Services/Programs are Right for you

Working with Ana will be a fit for you if…

  • You are looking to find clarity in your life’s mission, vision and dreams.
  • You are looking to take your business to the next level.
  • You have reached a plateau in your personal life or business and want to pivot, branch out to drive results.
  • You are looking to find work life balance.
  • You want to increase ROI and increase sales.
  • You want to inspire others to work towards one common vision.
  • You want to break the barriers preventing you from achieving your definition of success.
  • You want accountability.
  • You are looking to work with a coach that will go above and beyond to help you realize your desired results.

My coaching services/program will not be a fit if…

  • You are looking for a quick fix and not willing to put in the effort and time to make your dreams a reality.
  • You feel your life is perfect and there is no room for growth, development and not interested in earning more time, more money, greater relationships.
  • You don’t want work life balance.
  • You are not coachable.

What questions can I help you with?

Set Up a Life Strategy Session


For signing up you will also receive my Top 10 Strategies for Creating Work Life Balance and Catapulting Profits Blue Print. You will also learn how to master the art of influence to create better relationships, increase sales, increase productivity and performance, drive results, inspire yourself and others, grow your career and enjoy quality of life living life on your terms. In addition you will also receive updates on special offers, promotions discounts on upcoming training programs and events.

Contact us today to book your strategy session or business breakthrough strategy session. I can’t wait to meet you and work with you.





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“Ana Conlin is a Hospital Expert, she knows how to navigate the healthcare system with integrity and goes above and beyond to over deliver beneficial and valuable content, tips and resources. She has the expertise to walk you and your team step by step on getting into a hospital and becoming a preferred provider regardless of service you are providing or selling.”

Vladimir Zarkhin

“We had the opportunity to work with Ana Conlin, Owner of Conlin Creative Resources for a while as our Remote Sales Manager, working with the Administrators, Admissions, Marketing Directors, and teams to manage week to week activities. Ana helped us to maintain and grow our census , come up with new programs to differentiate and separate ourselves from our competitors. Ana also help to point out areas where we needed to create new programs to track any acute transfers to the hospitals, we worked together to implement new solutions to reduce readmission rates that will allow us to partner with hospital transitional care units and Accountable Care Organizations. Ana understands the business from an Operational point of view and Internal and External Sales & Marketing perspective. She has had hands on training in the field having covered the various roles herself. Ana worked with us to diversify referral streams. She is savvy with hospital marketing, physician marketing and business development. While working with Ana she also helped us to save money by creatively helping to cut cost and think outside of the box to partner with other healthcare professionals to co-sponsor events. Ana understands the industry and can assist you with growing your teams, getting them to think outside of the box while creating new programs. It has been a pleasure working with Ana Conlin. We highly recommend her services. Joseph Brachfeld Executive Vice President Medco Enterprises 3530 Wayne Avenue Bronx, NY 10467 718 655 1700 ext. 5677”

Joseph Brachfeld

“Overall Ana has provided us with crisp guidance about our marketing approach and we are so happy to see the results now. During the 1st quarter of this year our business was billing an average of 300 hours per week. When I hired Ana to help us with our marketing efforts, I also hired our marketing representative at the same time. Looking back I think I made the right choice because Ana’s guidance has really helped us put our marketing program in the right track instead of going through a series of trials and errors. Today we are billing at a rate of 800 billing hours per week.”

Kamran Nasser
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