7 Principles for Living a Life with Grace™

By: Ana Conlin

To live a life with grace means being in a state of peace, harmony, bliss, gratitude, and integrity. It begins with trust—trusting that your existence has purpose. It means loving and accepting yourself and others unconditionally. It also means appreciating what you have with no comparison to anyone or anything. For me it also means believing in a higher power greater than myself.

Living with grace is being present, embracing the moment, and embracing challenges as gifts of strength.

To live a life with grace you will want to embody the following principles:

  1. Be present ‐ appreciate, and embrace every moment.
  2. Live with integrity ‐ always do what is right.
  3. Love yourself and others unconditionally ‐ accept that we all have a unique purpose for


  4. Have clarity with purpose ‐ focus on what matters most.
  5. Set aside “protected time” daily ‐ pause, breathe, reflect, and meditate. I call these my


  6. Be your authentic self ‐ openly give, release and receive.
  7. Embrace challenges as gifts of strength ‐ embrace the journey.

Life is a journey you create and embrace. These 7 Principles are a guide to living a life with grace.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ana is the founder of Conlin Creative Resources, LLC and Ana Conlin Empowered, Professional, Innovative Coaching. She helps businesses and thought leaders co‐ create new direction, inspiring them to take bold action. Her mission in life is to lead and serve with passion, purpose, and integrity. She writes books designed for business and personal growth. Ana earned a B.A. in Psychology from Kean University. She holds numerous certifications such as Executive Leadership, Life and Master Business Coach, Assisted Living Administrator, and licensed practitioner of Neuro‐Linguistic Programming. In addition, Ana is a Public Speaker, Business Strategist, and Author.

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