“I recently heard Ana speak at the Spark Your Rock star event in Philadelphia, and was both inspired and empowered by her presentation. Her enthusiasm and energy had me looking for ways to stretch out of my comfort zone and resolving to try something new each day! She gave us the “big picture” inspiration, and then backed it up with six key steps designed to move us out of our comfort zone and toward our Untapped Potential Zone. Ana brings such energy and joy to everything she does. If you get the opportunity to work with her or hear her speak, don’t hesitate. DO IT! She is truly one of the best.”
Laura Linz
“While working with our company as a consultant, coach and virtual operations integrator, Ana has become an invaluable asset and an integral member of our team. She is highly efficient, energetic and very productive result-oriented professional. We really appreciate her contribution to our business.”
Vladimir Zarkhin, Home Boston Metro West
“We had the opportunity to work with Ana Conlin, Owner of Conlin Creative Resources for a while as our Remote Sales Manager, working with the Administrators, Admissions, Marketing Directors, and teams to manage week to week activities. Ana helped us to maintain and grow our census , come up with new programs to differentiate and separate ourselves from our competitors. Ana also help to point out areas where we needed to create new programs to track any acute transfers to the hospitals, we worked together to implement new solutions to reduce readmission rates that will allow us to partner with hospital transitional care units and Accountable Care Organizations. Ana understands the business from an Operational point of view and Internal and External Sales & Marketing perspective. She has had hands on training in the field having covered the various roles herself. Ana worked with us to diversify referral streams. She is savvy with hospital marketing, physician marketing and business development. While working with Ana she also helped us to save money by creatively helping to cut cost and think outside of the box to partner with other healthcare professionals to co-sponsor events. Ana understands the industry and can assist you with growing your teams, getting them to think outside of the box while creating new programs. It has been a pleasure working with Ana Conlin. We highly recommend her services. Joseph Brachfeld Executive Vice President Medco Enterprises 3530 Wayne Avenue Bronx, NY 10467 718 655 1700 ext. 5677”
Joseph Brachfeld
“Overall Ana has provided us with crisp guidance about our marketing approach and we are so happy to see the results now. During the 1st quarter of this year our business was billing an average of 300 hours per week. When I hired Ana to help us with our marketing efforts, I also hired our marketing representative at the same time. Looking back I think I made the right choice because Ana’s guidance has really helped us put our marketing program in the right track instead of going through a series of trials and errors. Today we are billing at a rate of 800 billing hours per week.”
Kamran Nasser
“I was privileged to be a bonus sponsor for one of Ana’s coaching programs. She is part of social groups involving world-class influencers and entrepreneurs which allows her to be on top of her game to provide a lot of value in offering her services. She values authenticity and integrity a lot in what she does. In her program, she provided me with a discovery session to brainstorm ways to monetize one of my recent project: Videa. It was very refreshing to be able to learn to generate an income from something I love to do.
I have also heard Ana speak at an event with other dynamic speakers. Her presentation was very meaningful for me and I felt very emotional and connected with her topic.”
Arvin Khamseh , Coach.me
“I have been working with Ana for more than three years and she has helped develop a number of innovative marketing strategies! In training sessions she listens objectively knowing that using combined efforts and experience of all enhances the chances for results. As an integral part of the business development team Ana truly cares about our success.” I would recommend Ana to anyone who wants to work with a leader with a strong work ethic and motivation to increase your own personal success!”
Bob DePeron, Home Boston Metro West
“Ana is an excellent coach. My husband and I both worked with her and have gained so much knowledge from her training. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs her services. Her wisdom is extraordinary and will help anyone expand and increase their business.”
Carrie Ballard, Golden Years In-Home Senior Care
“Ana is a very skilled and competent Healthcare marketer. She has extensive experience in Hospital marketing, Home Health and Hospice Marketing, Skilled Nursing Facilities marketing, and is a fantastic sales trainer and coach. I highly recommend her!”
Patrick Philbrick, Harmony Home Care
“I have been fortunate enough to to be involved in a mastermind group run by Ana with several other entrepreneurs. The inspiration, encouragement, and business techniques that I have received from Ana have made a huge difference in my life as well as my business. If you ever get the chance to work with Ana, seize it with both hands…she’s amazing!”
Toni Schmidt Langdon, Content Watch
“I recently made a decision to work with Ana Conlin because I was getting ready to launch my first online program. While I had a general roadmap of what I wanted to deliver, I felt stuck in the execution. What Ana helped me do was break down the amorphous idea in my heart and reverse engineer backwards to create weekly tasks and deadlines which would get me to my desired outcome. By not trying to “summit Everest” everyday and instead focusing on getting to “Basecamp 1, 2 etc.” every week, I was able to focus on the consistent daily action steps and lost the feeling of overwhelm. Ana brings SO MUCH to coaching sessions. With her extensive background, experience and certifications (business coaching, life coaching, NLP), she has a vast arsenal of tools and frameworks at hand ready to be delivered when needed. Ana’s coaching is not cookie cutter, but rather utilizing her incredible capacity to listen intuitively, she will allow the coaching session to flow based on what is wanted and needed in that moment. She takes notes to all the ideas and commitments that are made and delivers them in a wonderful email at the end of the session with summaries and lists of action steps. From developing a business plan to breaking down the steps of a launch, Ana and I were able to cover so much in just a few sessions. The results: My program is launched AND it did not feel stressful as I followed my plan. Ana’s coaching very much mirrors how she lives her own life: boldly, constantly pushing the edge of her comfort zone, in integrity and with fun. It’s not a surprise that her nickname is the STORM. If you feel like you need that jolt to get you from a nice idea to reality, whether in business or life, then I highly recommend that you set up a discovery call so you can experience THE STORM too.”

– Carmel D’Arienzo Lifestyle Coach and Speaker Carmeldarienzo.com

“Ana, quite simply, is one of the best coaches I have ever had. Ana supports the whole person by helping connect head with heart – and she does it with a measured passion that inspires the possible in ourselves. Every single session Ana quickly connects and adapts to where we need to be – and I am quickly all-in each time we meet. I always leave with value, both concrete with specific strategies to consider, and intrinsically, building confidence and momentum. I highly recommend Ana.”

By: Nicholas M. Coquillard, J.D.
General Manager at Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan
Founder of Community of Coaches

Nicholas M. Coquillard, J.D., Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan

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